Fish And Shrimp Deals 


Having a huge get together? Want to feed the whole neighborhood?  Daughter getting married? Just plain 'ol like shrimp and want to stock up? Then we've got some great deals for you! PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Must be ordered in advance.

Other sizes, larger and smaller, available. Call 501-833-3308 to inquire. All prices plus tax.

Case= 10 five pound boxes.

Count: refers to the number of shrimp per pound. All shrimp is frozen, allow 20 minutes per box under cold water to defrost.

Shrimp Case Sizes

Call Floyd's at 501-833-3308


50/60 count    50# case    Not Available

41/50 count    50# case    Call for price

36/40 count    50# case    Call for price

31/35 count    50# case    Not Available

26/30 count    50# case    Call for price

21/25 count    50# case    Call for price

16/20 count    50# case    Call for price

10/15 count      N/A          N/A

U-15               20# case    Call for price

U-12               30# case    Call for price

U-10               30# case     Call for price



Five Pound Box Shrimp Deals  

Headless, shell on,sized to the pound.

Salt water, wild caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp

From Texas (Brownsville, Port Isabel) and sometimes Mexico.

NEVER exposed to any oil!

Boxes are frozen, take 20 minutes to defrost under running water.


Medium size shrimp

41 to 50 count

225 pieces per 5 lb box

by the pound call for price

by the 5 pound box call for price

by the 50 pound case call for price 


Large size shrimp                                                                     

26 to 30 count

140 pieces per 5 lb box

by the pound call for price

by the 5 pound box call for price

by the 50 pound case call for price


Call Floyds at 501-833-3308 


Jumbo size shrimp

16 to 20 count

90 pieces per 5 lb box

By the pound call for price



Catfish,the staple of all fish fries for summer, is very expensive due to fuel and feed price increases.

We have a few alternatives to offer you in the way of fish and will also share with you the catfish prices.


All fish is frozen in individual fillets or steaks.

PLEASE order by 4 pm Thursdays for weekend cookouts and to allow time to defrost.


Pollack fillets

(the fish used at Cap'n D's and Long John Silver restaurants)

White flesh, mild flavor, 3 to 4 ounce size fillets

Pacific cold water wild caught fish     10 pound box   $33.95


Tilapia fillets

White flesh, mild flavor, fresh water fillets

Tastes just like crappie, fries or grills fantastic

Individually wrapped and frozen   10 pound box         $52.99



Catfish Nuggets

Boneless non breaded pieces of fish

Fresh water, American pond raised ( Mississippi)

fries up great, individually frozen   Call 501-833-3308 for prices

Catfish Steaks

Bone in cross cuts of whole fish

Fresh water, American pond raised ( Mississippi)

Fries up great, grills well

Individually frozen steaks          Call 501-833-3308 for prices 

Random Cut Catfish Fillet

Beautiful white meat random cut fillet

Some whole, some split, all fillet, no junk

Fresh water, American pond raised ( Mississippi)

Fries or grills well  

Individually frozen pieces      15 pound box Call 501-833-3308 for prices


Perfect Catfish Fillets

(This gets painful right here, folks.....)

Beautiful white meat perfect cut fillets

All whole, fresh water pond raised

American catfish ( Mississippi)

fries, bakes or grills real well

individually frozen fillets                  15 pound box   Call 501-833-3308 for prices


  Snow Crab

25# box, 8- 10 oz. pieces  

5 to 8, 8 to 10 and 10 up available.

30 pound boxes Call for market prices

King Crab

20# box, 14-17 count Call for market prices

Argentina Red Shrimp

20# Case $171.40