What's HOT!


Turkey Time is right around the corner!!
And so is Christmas....
I know you don't even want to think about Turkeys and Sleigh Bells, but it will be
here soon.
Please be prepared to get your Thanksgiving TurDuckHen orders in earlier than
usual and the  WINDOW FOR ORDERS WILL BE VERY SMALL this year.



NEW! Big Easy Products from Lake Charles, Louisiana
Right around the corner from my Aunt  Sondra and Uncle Kenneth's house on
Ryan Street in Lake Charles sits the home of our newest products line, Big Easy
To our already large assortment of Cajun goodies we will be adding the following
items, some of which are already in the shop, others will follow soon.
Crawfish stuffed chickens
Shrimp stuffed chickens
Dirty Rice stuffed chickens
Cornbread stuffed chickens
SAUSAGES:  here now
Andouille sausage, mild and spicy
Chicken Jalapeno green onion sausage
Pork green onion sausage
Pork jalapeno sausage
BOUDIN:  here now
mild, spicy and smoked
crawfish boudin and shrimp boudin
We will be discontinuing the Hebert's line of seafood boudin, but the alligator boudin will stay.
We will be discontinuing the Hebert's line of stuffed chickens all but the alligator, chickens and the crawfish jalapeno cornbread stuffed chickens, they will stay.
Why are we dumping Heberts, you might ask?
Ugly packaging- you can't see thru a cardboard box.
Price of product- a pound and a half of boudin cost the customers too much.
Business owner not happy with product-   too much damaged product upon arrival, shipping costs too high. If Lisa ain't happy, nobody's happy.
We will stop "Messin' With Texas"- meaning the Zummo brand of regular and smoked boudin will go bye bye in favor of the new Big Easy line.
Having said that, I do have a heart and ears and I listen to the customers. So if there is a lot of crying and fussing, complaining and wailing over Zummos departure from our shop, I will bring it back.
We are trying to stay pure and authentic in our products from Louisiana.  Zummo brand is from Beaumont, TX.




Lafitte's Cajun Pickles


Whole Duck

Zwolle, Louisiana Hot Tamales

CajunLand Green Onion Seasoning





Seventh edition of Lisa's wildly popular "Seafood Basics" Cookbook.

Sold only at Floyd's, "Seafood Basics " is bigger, fatter and mo' better than ever before, with lots of requested recipes, some new recipes, some updates on existing recipes and some stuff from our wonderful customers.

We will let you know when it is ready to go and ready for sale, keep checking back.

PS: its the old kind of book made out of paper (OMG! how old fashioned and Dark Ages of me! )


 NEW in stock!

Duck Breast and Whole Duck (domestic- Indiana)

Natchitoches, LA Shrimp Pies

Manda Andouille

Johnsonville Brats

Mam Papaul's (Harvey, LA)

Crawfish pie mix, Scampi Mix, Gumbo Mix

and King Cake mix

Slap Ya Mama Fish Fry

Dried Shrimp and Shrimp powder 



 They're BACK! Money saving freezer packages from Floyds! Go check our Frozen Meat and Frozen Steak pages for contents and prices.


  Yeah, after 36 years, we still keep adding stuff to the shop, but now that we have more room, why not?

Orange Roughy Fillets

Shark Steak

Stuffed Flounder fillets

Crabmeat Stuffing

Stuffed Clams

Boston Clam Chowda

Boston Lobsta Bisque

Crabmeat and Shrimp Bisque

Okra and Shrimp Gumbo 











Keep checking back for updates. 




Let us know! We are building a customer list for interested parties wishing to buy live blue crabs.  


We are still working on getting a supplier out of Louisiana, but we want to know what you think about the idea.  


Our customers made us what we are over the last 35 years, we still care what they think and want input from them. 


We will not share any info with anybody, promise.  


Jus' you an' me an' da crabs.........  


Our email address is floydsmeatandseafood@gmail.com  





Manda Brand sausages now at Floyd's!   


You asked for it, we got it!  Manda brand sausages from Baton Rouge, LA! Fully cooked and smoked andouille and rope sausage is great on the grill, in the pot with your crawfish or shrimp and especially in gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice. It also makes a great seasoning sausage to give your blackeye peas, cabbage and greens a little wake up call.  

This sausage really wakes up and comes to life when it is heated in a skillet or on the grill.   

 * Manda Andouille  

*  Manda Boudin   

*  Manda Smoked Rope Sausage  

   Sold by the 10 pound box or by the pound.  

  10 pound box $39.95  


    Ooh, yummeh!   

Now you can see what some of our fabulous food LOOKS like!! Check out Floyd's NEW page on flickr, a photosharing site on the Internet.  

 Just follow this link:        





                Hard to find!

Morton Tender Quick

Morton Sugar Cure smoke flavored

Morton Sugar Cure plain

A "Must" for making your own holiday hams and deer roasts. 

     Gift Certificates Now Available!

Want to brighten up your favorite cook's holiday, thank a colleague or friend, or find an excuse to get invited to dinner? Give them a Floyd's Gift Certificate, and you'll get a seat at their table! Available in any amount you choose.


Sales tax paid by the customer. 




 After many requests from our customers, Floyd's now carries TexJoy seasonings!!! We carry the  four most popular TexJoy products sold nationwide: 


    TexJoy  Steak Seasoning, 16 ounce size $5.99

  • TexJoy   Spicy Steak Seasoning, 14 ounce size  $ 6.29
  • TexJoy  "Special" BBQ Seasoning Rub, 14 ounce size,  $5.99 
  • TexJoy  "Old West" Mesquite Shake Seasoning, 14 ounce  $5.99





 See Hook, Line And Sinker for more details 



 Coming soon:  New Pages!


Email for Floyds will soon be available, and with that:


* Customer Comments Page


* Cajun Joke Page


* More pictures of our stuff


* Customer Recipe Sharing Page 



Stockpots and Burners Available For Sale


Floyd's offers good quality stockpots with basket and lid for sale in 2 sizes: 34 quart and 60 Quart. The 34 quart size will cook 17 pounds of crawfish; the 60 quart size will cook 30 pounds.


These are heavy duty, well made aluminum pots, not some Big Box store junky stuff you'll burn a hole through after 2 or 3 uses.


We also have medium and heavy-duty burner stands for sale.



Cooking Goodies for Sale


Floyd's offers a wide variety of cooking accessories to make your crawfish or shrimp boil a success. We have short and long stainless steel skimmers, aluminum ladles, wooden stirring paddles, deep-fry thermometers, beer can chicken racks, and more!